New Logo!

I decided that I needed a better logo for my site because I wanted my new Facebook page to be fancier. So I went to my friend, Vic Yambao, who is an awesome artist. I figured it would be good to share his info with all of you in case you’re looking for super cool, reasonably priced, artwork.

For my logo, the only info I gave him was literally “something like the stupid silhouette i have up now, but way less stupid. just black & white, or small amounts of color, and a female. and square-ish so it fits in the profile box.”

Super descriptive, right? A couple hours later, he messages me back with an image and asks what I think.

Obviously it’s awesome. The kid does good work. Also, it was super quick. I was expecting something within a few days, but apparently I caught him at a good time.

So if you have any logo, poster, graphic design, t-shirt design, etc that you want done, you should check him out!


Online store:

Facebook Page:


The original stupid silhouette
The brand new, way less stupid logo











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